The writers give a statement about their company, DeWind Technik, in view of what they claim to be "continuing statements to discredit our company, made by the firm Ventis Energietechnik in Braunschweig." They state that DeWind was formed in August 1995 by former employees of Ventis after Ventis had suspended payment of salaries. The wind turbine marketed by DeWind is fundamentally different to the Ventis V12 turbine, they say. Charges of industrial espionage are unfounded.

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In view of continuing statements to discredit our company, made by the firm Ventis Energietechnik in Braunschweig and its managing director Werner Geissler, we would like to make a statement about these accusations.

The foundation of our company, DeWind Technik, Lübeck, in August 1995, took place after the company Ventis, as former employer of the current partners in DeWind, was no longer in a position -- and indeed had not been so since the beginning of 1995 -- to pay salaries. Ventis, therefore, no longer fulfilled the conditions for normal company operations and had, in effect, ceased to exist.

Those affected, who handed in their summary notice independently of each other, decided as a result to set up a new company -- not least in order to be able to put into practice their conviction that with a healthy company, an economic breakthrough for wind energy can be reached. The aim of this company is to develop, produce and install wind turbines on a serious basis and with a solid financial base.

The wind turbine marketed by DeWind today is fundamentally different to the Ventis V12 turbine. This is easily evident after a simple comparison of the technical data of both machines.

The accusations made against us by the company Ventis, as well as the criminal charge of industrial espionage and theft, have no basis in fact and are apparently intended to hinder the extremely successful work begun by DeWind Technik.

DeWind would like to offer the expert know-how and many years of experience of its employees to the market in the form of a newly developed wind turbine. Furthermore we are not at all reticent about going into fair and open competition with our product, the DeWind 41, a variable speed turbine.

From Hugo Schippmann and Matthias Krebs,

DeWind Technik, Lübeck, Germany

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