International agency more involved in wind

The International Energy Agency's Renewable Energy Working Party (REWP) is stepping up its activities in wind energy, reported vice president Felix Avia Aranda at the European Wind Energy Conference in Dublin. "The IEA can undertake projects not possible for one country to undertake on its own," he explained, stressing the importance of IEA's neutrality. The renewables group at the IEA is one of four, with the other three groups dealing with fossil fuels, fusion and energy conservation. Within REWP there are now four joint action areas, said Avia Aranda at the October conference: aerodynamics, fatigue, offshore systems and wind conditions/loads. Expert meetings are held to discuss matters such as lightning protection, R&D needs, aeroelastic codes and aeroacoustic prediction. The IEA is intending to publish an overview book which will evaluate testing procedures. Strategically within the renewables field, it aims to lend technical support to the World Bank, get non OECD countries involved and provide information to a wide range of government and non government institutions.