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Opposition to nympsfield

Regarding "The story of a British wind project," (Windpower Monthly, February 1997). The author claims several statements in the article are false, including those on the subject of power lines, a waste dump, broadcast interference and village acceptance of the wind turbine.

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Referring to your article, "The story of a British wind project," (Windpower Monthly, February 1997). Whilst I realise that as a trade magazine with a controlled circulation it would not be polite to say anything against the siting of wind farms in sensitive areas, I must point out that there are several statements in that article which are not true.

Although "the site is crossed with power lines and is above a waste dump," the power lines are less than half the height of the wind turbine and they do not move. The waste tip is on land owned by Western Windpower [the wind turbine developer] and is unlicensed. The land was originally owned by a Brian Davis and his partner, Dale Vince [of Western Windpower]. The former lived on the land in a caravan. Shortly before his death, Mr Davis signed over the site to Mr Vince.

Neither is it true that there have been no problems with TV interference. Those villagers who have to obtain the TV and FM radio reception from the Nailsworth relay transmitter are experiencing interference on both sound and vision which synchronises with the wind turbine blade movement when the blades are turned at a right angle to the TV and radio aerials.

To suggest, from the number of positive letters in the press, that the wind turbine is now being accepted is also untrue. A survey produced signatures from more than 80% of the households who said they were against both this and any further development. I understand, too, that there have been more than twice the number of applications from people requesting to have their Council Tax Banding altered than there are houses in Nympsfield. This would indicate that surrounding villages are beginning to realise the implications.

I realise this letter will have little influence on a journal that is dedicated to promoting wind farms, but I believe you should know of the continuing opposition to development in the area. Unfortunately we are up against an environmental speculator who has publicly stated that he wants to erect a further ten turbines in the area and a local district council which is determined to exert its "green virility." We have been accused of having a NIMBY attitude, but if one does not defend one's own backyard, who will?

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