Dallas green pricing programme

A subsidiary of Dallas based Central and South West Corporation (CSW) has introduced a green pricing programme, the utility announced on October 6. But this first phase of the Clear Choice programme, offered to homes and businesses in San Angelo in west Texas, will offer power from existing renewables projects rather than use the extra income to invest in development of new clean power plant. Customers of CSW subsidiary West Texas Utilities Company can choose to pay an extra $5-20 a month for blocks of green power, ranging from 100 kWh to 250 kWh. The pilot programme has been approved by the San Angelo city council. The power will come from a 1.2 MW hydro facility on the Guadelupe River near Cuero in Texas. CSW says, however, that later phases of the programme will use additional green capacity. But it appears the new capacity will be fulfilled by winning bids already sent in for a renewables solicitation issued in June by CSW, not from a new source. Fourteen bids had been received (Windpower Monthly, September 1997). A wind project of 40-50 MW is a likely component, the utility has said.