Colorado picks Nordex Balcke-Dürr

A procurement agreement was to be finalised by the end of October for installation of German Nordex Balcke-Dürr turbines in the first phase of a wind project for Public Service Company of Colorado, said the utility's Natalie Goldstein earlier in the month. The Ponnequin project, which is being developed by Distributed Generation Systems Inc, run by Dale Osborn, is to supply power to the utility's WindSource green pricing programme. Nordex Balcke-Dürr GmbH was chosen as the likely contender to supply the turbines after the utility decided that its initial choice, Zond's 750 kW machines, were not commercially proven enough for the first two phases of the wind farm, to be sited in Weld County near the Wyoming border (Windpower Monthly, October 1997).