Gamesa Energia announces investment plan for Zamora province

Gamesa Energía, the project development wing of wind giant Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica, has announced a two year EUR 95 million investment plan for the Zamora province of Castile and Leon from 2003-2005. The announcement came during the inauguration of Gamesa Energía's 23.8 MW Las Labradas wind plant, its first in the province. Gamesa also plans a 9.9 MW extension to Las Labradas. Meanwhile, the company's nearby 34 MW, EUR 34 million Valmediano development is due to come online by the end of the year. According to regional government figures, Gamesa Energía had permits in Zamora for these three developments only, and for a further 91 MW in other provinces of Castile and León. Nevertheless, the company aims to have 150 MW turning in Zamora by 2005. Castile and León now has more than 500 MW online, with another 300 MW building. Zamora makes up 15.3% of the total, with 82 MW online and another 89 MW going up.