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An electricity blending package has been unveiled in the UK that allows businesses to manage their emissions of CO2 with fine accuracy. Carbon-Certified Electricity draws from a range of electricity sources -- from the cleanest renewables to high carbon content coal and oil -- to blend a final product to the customer's required carbon intensity.

The scheme was launched by London based Greenergy Carbon Partners Ltd. It is the world's first bespoke electricity package that allows companies to pre-select the carbon intensity of their power, which they mix from a variety of sources to comply with a specific emissions limit. Nearly 50 different carbon intensities are available, depending on type of fuel or energy source and age and efficiency of the plant.

Andrew Owens from Greenergy Carbon Partners says the range of carbon intensities within fossil fuel generation is as large as between fossil fuels and renewables. Renewables supplied under the package will come from plant previously supported through the Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation, and from Greenergy's own renewable generating company, Ambient.

The CO2 emission from Carbon Certified Electricity is certified on a grams per kWh, or tonnes per month or per year basis. The certified carbon emission allows an accurate statement at any time on the amount of CO2 emitted and reductions being achieved.

The package is audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the process is overseen by a committee of scientists and environmentalists. The scheme anticipates that policy instruments being introduced to cut the CO2 of UK businesses, such as an emissions trading scheme in 2001 and the Climate Change Levy, will create demand for the package. It is one of a number of products and services supplied by Greenergy under its "Carbon Service Provision" banner.

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