Lips closed at Texas utility on possible vendor selection

The Texas utility Central and South West Corporation (CSW) of Dallas will not comment on rumours that it has chosen ESI Energy Inc, an unregulated subsidiary of the utility Florida Power & Light (FP&L), for what appears to be the lion's share of the 75 MW of renewables projects it issued a tender for on June 10. The utility's Larry Jones will only say that CSW will announce the result of the bid in late January. "We have not released any names," he says. In August CSW reported that 14 bids had been submitted in response to its request for renewables proposals. CSW is one of the few utilities with wind already in its service area -- 6 MW of Zond Z-40 turbines in west Texas. CSW also announced in October the launching of Clear Choice, its green pricing plan which will offer customers some electricity from wind plant. FP&L, which has 12,000 employees and electric revenues of $1.5 billion, has been involved in wind for as number of years. The power company is the equity owner of SeaWest's Mitsubishi project near Mojave, it completed Zond's huge Sky River project in Tehachapi in 1990, and is involved in a number of Kenetech partnerships in the Altamont Pass.