Coastal 3 MW turbine planned for Pori

Suomen Hyotytuuli, a joint venture of nine Finnish and German power companies, has contracted Finnish wind turbine manufacturer WinWind to build and deliver a 3 MW unit to add to its coastal wind plant at Pori in the mid-west of the country. The unit is to be commissioned by the end of May 2006. The company already operates wind farms in Pori and Raahe, also located along the west coast, including an 8 MW project of Bonus 1 MW turbines commissioned in July 1999. It is Finland's biggest wind power producer, supplying one-third of the country's wind generated electricity at a price of around EUR 0.04811

/kWh. Once the new unit is installed, Suomen Hyotytuuli's total wind generation will be 60,000 MWh a year. The company was established by a series of municipally owned district heating companies. Its owners include E.on Finland, Helsingin Energia, Jyvaskylan Energia, Lahti Energia, and Lappeenrannan Energia Oy. This latest machine will bring its total installed capacity to 21 MW.