Rivas 22 MW delayed but still alive

The 22 MW Rivas wind power project is far from dead, even though privatisation of state-owned power company Enel is delaying progress, says Fernando Aguerri of the prospective developer, the Enisa consortium (Windpower Monthly, June 2000). Enisa is controlled by Spanish power company Iberdrola. A new power purchase agreement (PPA) is being negotiated with Spain's Union Fenosa, which bought Nicaragua's Disnorte and Dissur distributors (Windpower Monthly, October 2000), says Aguerri. "We're 95% complete, and will soon be 100%," he says. An indication of Enisa's confidence that it will sign a PPA with Fenosa is that it has already invested $3.5 million of the estimated $22 million cost of the project, mainly in earth movements at the site. Under the terms of the initial PPA, Iberdrola would have sold power to Enel at US$0.061/kWh. Although new market conditions will modify this figure, the PPA with Fenosa has not had to start from scratch, because the negotiations were simply switched to Fenosa from Enel.