CO2 controls


Comprehensive analysis of a range of mechanisms for curbing C02 emissions is the subject of a new FT Energy Publishing report, Global Warming: A Guide to Market-Based Controls on the Energy Sector by Ian Fells and Lisa Woolhouse. According to FT, the report "explores the rationale behind each approach, their ease of implementation, their capacity to reduce emissions and their likely effects on economic competitiveness" and assesses their successes and failures. It particularly concentrates on the UK with its market-oriented energy policy. "Traditionally pollution controls have come in the form of direct regulation, but the existence of carbon in all fossil fuels and the plethora of polluting sources across the world suggests that this approach is unsuitable for C02 emission control," say the authors. Professor Ian Fells, a former president of the Institute of Energy, is a broadcaster with 400 radio and TV programmes behind him. He is energy advisor to the European Commission and has advised a number of governments on energy policy. Doctor Lisa Woolhouse is an energy economist and has worked in the energy industry since 1990, including with Nuclear Electric in the UK. Today she works for a major oil firm.