Greengrocer tour

In a bid to gain customers for its green power, Green Mountain Energy Resources is touring states with a so-called Veggie Van. "What better way to educate consumers on the benefits of using cleaner energy than having the funky, cleaner-burning, french-fry-grease-fuelled Veggie Van touring California as an example of what we're advocating," says Green Mountain's Kevin Hartley of the van's most recent tour.

Green Mountain, from the same company that owns Green Mountain Power, the operator of a 6 MW wind farm of Zond turbines in Vermont, is installing two Micon 750 kW turbines in California to supply power to residential customers (page 10).

The Green Mountain vehicle is a retrofitted Winnebago -- a motor home with a lighting system, computer and refrigerator powered by solar power and an engine largely powered by "biodiesel" fuel. The Winnebago is also kitted out with "green metres" that show how long it would take to power them with wind turbines or solar generators.