European masters degree course on renewable energy

A new European masters degree course on renewable energy is to be introduced from October 2002. Nine institutes across six countries are involved in elements of the year long course. Students will spend the first two semesters in different countries. "They have to move around; it is an important aspect of the course," explains Khaled Faiz from EUREC Agency, the co-ordinater. The first semester will be conducted in French, English or Spanish at three different centres. For the second semester students will choose their specialisation. Those who opt to specialise in wind will be based at the National Technical University of Athens. The third semester will be spent working on a project in their specialised area, either based with a sponsoring company or at one of the institutes. The course is a response to the anticipated European skills shortage in renewable energy identified in a 1997 EUREC Agency study. "There is a sharp increase in renewable energy across Europe, but the number of courses is quite limited," says Faiz. EUREC Agency is looking for companies to sponsor students. In return the sponsor will gain a student working at its premises.