Inland manufacturing facility opens

Südwind Energiesysteme has started production at a new assembly facility at Lichtenau in North Rhine Westphalia. Pursuing a policy of decentralised wind turbine assembly close to the growing inland market, the Berlin company has set up a subsidiary, DEF Lichtenau, to run the new facility, initially employing 15 people. The Lichtenau operation will produce 60-100 Südwind S46 600/750 kW turbines annually. The first unit left the 1000 square metre workshop in November for installation in the Lichtenau/Asseln wind station, dubbed "the largest inland wind station in Europe (Windpower Monthly, May 1997). Südwind claims the improved production efficiency made possible by the new facility is allowing it to drop the price for its flagship product, the Südwind 46, by 7%. "Full order books are proof of the success of this plan," adds the company. It is now preparing to introduce the S46 to the Indian market.