Given the choice of buying wind generated electricity for roughly the same price as electricity from other sources, 47% of Canadians say they would definitely buy wind power and another 35% say they would probably buy it, reveals a national opinion poll organised by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and conducted by The Environmental Monitor. Furthermore, asked if they want their provincial electric utility to give priority to wind power, only 15% of the 1500 polled think this should be a minor priority. Fully 35% want utilities to give major priority to more use of wind, and another 45% want it to be a moderate priority. All told, some 72% want utilities to pay more to expand the use of wind power, passing on the costs to all customers. Another 20% of Canadians would be happy to choose the option of having their household supplied by wind energy, even if it meant paying a premium. If their provincial electricity utility offered this green pricing option, 65% say they would be interested in paying more, some 17% say they would definitely pay a little more, while 48% say they would probably do so. Those interested in green pricing are willing to pay an average of $13.70 more per month in addition to a typical $75 bill. Utility Ontario Hydro shared in the opinion poll, which also disclosed that nearly one-half of all Ontario residential, agricultural and commercial customers would very likely choose electricity generated from renewable technologies over traditional sources. Wind and solar are considered the two most environmentally friendly electricity generation options. Ontario Hydro said these and other poll results showed "extraordinary" levels of interest in its proposed new Green$hares programme (Windpower Monthly, November 1995).

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