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Who can beat our five year record?

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In a letter on this page in May 1994 I reported that our Vestas 225 kW V27 wind turbine on a hill overlooking Wellington had generated just over a million kWh in the preceding year. Subsequently, a letter from the operators of the La Venta wind farm in Mexico (Windpower Monthly, March 1996) reported that their four V27s had each generated a million units in nine months, and we had to concede the world record for a single year's production from a 27 metre diameter wind turbine had indeed passed from New Zealand to Mexico.

But it is now another four years on and we have achieved another annual production figure of over a million units. Is anyone aware of any other turbine of this size producing an annual average exceeding 951,900 kWh over five years? I'm aware La Venta has yet to clock up five years' production, but the Brooklyn machine might as well have the record in the meantime!

The results appear to bear out the general rule that annual production from wind energy varies roughly over a 10% range -- rather better than hydro that varies with rain and snow fall. Highest and lowest monthly outputs were 112,426 kWh and 52,650 kWh and the standard deviations from the average monthly production for each month ranged from 5795 kWh to 20,833 kWh.

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