Current national energy model not sustainable

The annual overall energy contribution of Spanish wind power is equivalent to ESP 10 billion (EUR 60.1 million) in oil fired energy, according to a recent study published by Spain's renewables producers association, Asociación de Pequeños Productores y Autogeneradores (APPA). Spain's combined renewables output amounts to ESP 260 billion of oil derived energy. APPA's conclusions are based on recently inflated oil prices as well as the latest estimated figures for renewables. The association is using the study to argue for a new renewable energies law that goes well beyond today's "timid support" level. Spain's primary energy deficit currently stands at 70%, compared to the European average of 50%. APPA claims that EU studies foresee an accentuation of this trend, which, by 2020, will leave Spain and Europe with primary energy deficits of 85% and 70%, respectively. This "alarming situation," the group maintains, "underlines the non-sustainability of the existing energy model."