Wind energy researcher Real Reid, of utility Hydro Quebec's research institute, was awarded the RJ Templin Award for his outstanding contribution to the goals of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) "to promote wind energy as a clean cost-effective means of producing energy in the long-term." Reid, who leads research on high-penetration, no-storage wind diesel (HPNSWD) systems at Hydro Quebec, was presented with the award at last month's CanWEA conference. His colleague, Dominique Champagne, pointed out in a research review that the Hydro Quebec-Atlantic Wind Test Site HPNSWD system achieved an "international breakthrough" in June by operating for four hours and supplying electricity to a simulated village without diesel intervention (Windpower Monthly, August 1994). Hydro Quebec could soon decide to install the system in a real life off-grid village.