First order for Vestas 2 MW unit in Spain

Of three Spanish orders announced by Vestas last month for a combined 117 MW, one is for the company's 2 MW machine and marks the first time that Vestas technology has been sold in Spain since the company split from Gamesa in 2002, ending a technology transfer agreement. Twenty turbines will be installed in Aragón for Generación Eólica Aragonesa (GEA) for its Magallón II project. The other two orders are for projects developed by NEG Micon before its merger with Vestas. In Galicia, the regional arm of Corporación Energía Hidroeléctrica de Navarra (EHN), Aega, is to take delivery of 54, 750 kW turbines. Industrial group Acciona, which owns half of EHN, also owns 25% of Vestas' regional turbine manufacturing facility, built by NEG Micon in the late 1990s. The third project, for 22, 1.65 MW turbines, is from developer PEBSL for its Peñuca development in Castile and León, on the mountainous border with Cantabria. But whether that project goes ahead is still in doubt. The regional government of Cantabria has started legal proceedings against Puñuca and two neighbouring wind projects on grounds of damaging environmental and visual impact. Combined the three orders for Vestas have a price tag of around EUR 84 million.