First major offshore project planned in China

The regional government of Shanghai is aiming to increase its installed wind capacity from 24.4 MW today to 334 MW by 2010, ramping up to 1870 MW by 2020 -- 770 MW onshore and 1100 MW offshore, according to its Energy White Paper, released at the Wind Power Shanghai 2007 conference and exhibition last month. Development will focus on the islands of Chongming, Changxing and Hengsha, all located off the northeast coast, and in the districts of Nanhui and Fengxian in the eastern and southern parts of the region. The first major offshore project planned is the 100 MW East China Sea Bridge project, slated for completion in 2010. The project will comprise 34 Sinovel 3 MW turbines, a product still under development by the Chinese manufacturer. "The entire project is an experiment," noted China Wind Energy Association's Shi Pengfei.