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Requesting Windpower Monthly to publish summary information on wind power in table and graph form. The editor replies that this is beyond the remit and means of the magazine but that a new quarterly column providing an update of world wind turbine installations, with accompanying analysis of broad trends, is planned.

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May I offer a suggestion for further improvement of your excellent publication. This would be to publish regularly various kinds of summary information to help people get an overview of the whole field and what is happening in it. This might be in the compact form of tables, such as summaries of currently available wind turbines, the number installed, total wattage installed, the number contracted for and perhaps other interesting details such as geared or direct drive.

Another table might give information about sites, giving the country, the number of sites, the total number of windmills installed, the average size in wattage and rotor swept area, and so on. To highlight trends you could print graphs showing the yearly totals for this information and also graphs of such things as the average size of windmills each year.

Such summary information would help keep people up to date. In any case, more power to you. In talking about windmills you are talking about something even bigger: hope. This is hope about the entire future of freedom from pollution, about the efficient use of our resources and the development of a healthy, sustainable way of life for all mankind.

The author echoes a reader request often heard at Windpower Monthly. Unfortunately, the quite considerable research resources needed to compile such information are beyond our means. Neither is the provision of basic information strictly within the realm of a news magazine. Our brief is to publish concise reports on new developments in the wind energy arena, backed by feature articles which analyse, inform and put the news in focus.

We are, however, preparing to launch a new quarterly column which will provide an at-a-glance update of world wind turbine installations, with accompanying analysis of broad trends. This column is aimed at going some way to meet the needs of William Bex and other readerss who have made the same request.

Lyn Harrison, Editor

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