NEG Micon sets prototype 4.2 MW online

DENMARK: NEG Micon will this month set its prototype 4.2 MW turbine into operation at Denmark's new wind turbine test site on the North Sea coast.

The site is operated by the national wind technology test centre, based at Risø on the other side of the country. A zero series of the 4.2 MW is being readied for further testing in the Netherlands and France, once sites are agreed upon. Series production is expected within three years. With a rotor swept area of 9,500 square metres, it can be expected to generate 11-12 million kWh a year in offshore operation. Unlike the country's two other turbine makers, Vestas and Bonus, NEG Micon has not supplied turbines to any of Denmark's offshore wind plant, though it equipped the 10 MW Yttre Stengrund offshore plant in Sweden with 2 MW turbines in 2001.