Go-ahead for Waardpolder NedWinds


It has taken four years, but Energie Noord West's 19 turbine wind plant in the Waardpolder in Noord Holland finally looks set to become a reality. Installation of the NedWind 30/3-250 units is expected to begin at the end of this year with a completion date scheduled for May-June 1997 says Ronald Wiecherink, project manager. First proposed in 1993 the plant, whose cost is estimated at NLG 15 million, ran into fierce local opposition from groups concerned with its visual impact on the environment, "horizon vervuiling" ( "horizon pollution" ) as it is known in Dutch. The company had to twice seek extensions to its construction permit and one outstanding action is still being considered. Utility Energie Noord West, however, is confident of a favourable outcome. It first moved into the wind sector in 1985 and already operates 40 turbines in Noord Holland. Currently the utility is looking to develop five more locations in the Wieringermeer. If successful, this will add 30-60 MW of installed capacity to the province's current total of 30 MW. "We are still in the process of seeking local planning permission" says Wiecherink. He hopes that this time the path to completion will meet with less resistance.