Ecotècnia 37 MW in two projects


Ecotècnia, one of Spain's leading turbine manufacturers and wind power developers, is ready to go ahead with two projects totalling 37 MW. The biggest is located in Pradell in Tarragona, Catalunya and when completed in late 1997 will be powered by 66, 225 kW turbines and 25, 600 kW machines. The second project is to be sited at Punta Gaviota on the Canary Island's Gran Canaria and consist of the Ecotècnia 225 kW. Two of Ecotècnia's prototypes, its 500 kW and its 600 kW, are proving to be among the best in their range, the company claimed last month as provisional operating results were analysed ahead of final data to be released December. "We are extremely pleased with both prototypes' performances," says the company. The two turbines have been tested at Ecotècnia's site in Tarifa since mid 1996 and have been subjected to extreme conditions both artificial and natural and "showed high availability levels" according to Ecotècnia. The company hopes the 600 kW turbine will be ready for production next year for its Tarragona project.