Dewind gets new Japanese sales and service partner

British owned Dewind has a new sales and service partner in Japan, Fuji Electric Company, which is now the sole importer of Dewind turbines in Japan. The company will be responsible for sales, delivery, installation and service of Dewind turbines from its current base, Call centre 24, and its 79 service stations throughout Japan. Dewind's former agent, Iwatani International Corporation, will still work as a distributor for the turbine manufacturer. Dewind, recently delivered 15 machines to Japan, bringing its total sales in the country to 36 turbines with a generation capacity of 18.6 MW. The latest machines were delivered to two projects: three 600 kW D4 turbines went to Oki island in the Sea of Japan, forming the 1.8 MW Oki-Ohminesan Wind Power Generation Plant as part of a stand-alone electricity system; twelve 1.25 MW D6 turbines are being installed at Hasaki in Chiba Prefecture, south east of Tokyo. The 15 MW project is owned by independent power producer, Eco-power. The electricity will be sold to Tokyo Electric Power.