Clipper gets 1300 MW more in orders and options

American's Clipper Windpower continues to receive notable votes of confidence for its new Liberty 2.5 MW turbine in the form of major purchase contracts, the most recent from FPL Energy and UPC Wind for a combined 1300 MW in orders and options. Following Clippers mega 4265 MW deal with BP Alternative Energy in August, FPL is buying Clipper's 100 MW Endeavor Wind Project, including the 40 Liberty turbines it will consist of. At the same time, FPL has taken on option on 200 MW of Liberty turbines for delivery next year and up to 250 MW for delivery in each of the following three years to 2010. It also has an option on Clipper's 50 MW Criterion project in Maryland. The FPL action was followed by a 200 MW turbine purchase agreement with UPC Wind for 80 Liberty turbines. The Endeavor Wind Project in Iowa's Osceola and Dickenson Counties is being built on farm land leased from about 40 local owners. It is to be fully completed by spring 2007. Clipper is based in Carpinteria, California, north of Los Angeles. It manufacturers its turbines in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.