First green product from new high profile venture

New Power Company (NPC), a national energy supplier for homes and small businesses backed by some of the most powerful businesses in America's new economy, has launched its first green product -- 100% wind power that will be available to customers in Pennsylvania. New Power, founded in May, is backed by the computer giant IBM, America On-Line, a leading Internet service provider, and Enron Corp, the Texas-based energy company. For a six month trial, NPC will sell wind power supplied by Community Energy Inc from a small two turbine 0.13 MW wind plant in northeast Pennsylvania developed with Energy Unlimited and to come on-line next year. Community Energy already sells wind from two turbines on the same site, at Humboldt Industrial Park in Hazleton. In October New Power was selected by the Pennsylvania utility PECO to be the default service for almost 300,000 customers of the utility, which is planning a 30 MW wind project in Pennsylvania.