Sixteen of the infamous eighteen Holec turbines that have been troubling SEP, the association of electricity producers, for the past ten years have been dismantled and are now on their way to India. Through Inventure India they have been sold to an investment company in Madras. Luc Schurmann, director of NedWind, who has just clinched a deal with an Indian customer, is not happy about the sale of failed technology, made by a long dead company to a promising new market. According to him the Holec turbines are difficult to control. If they continue their troublesome behaviour in India, Schurmann fears this will backfire on the reputation of Dutch wind technology- -- and even on other products Holland sells to India. The 16 units were sold for a total of less than half a million Dutch guilders. This is not even half the value of one of NedWind's 40 meter turbines. Such profit, says Schurmann, is hardly worth the risk of damaging Dutch trade with India.The SEP wind farm was always described as "experimental."