Vestas to supply Washington state 379 MW

More than 200 new Vestas 1.8 MW turbines are destined for construction in two projects -- a combined 379 MW -- in Washington state by the end of 2006. Puget Sound Energy (PSE) of Bellevue, Washington, has picked Vestas as supplier for both its first wind plant. The Wild Horse Project, developed in Washington by Horizon Wind Energy (formerly Zilkha), is set to add 127 turbines and 229 MW of wind capacity to PSE's portfolio by the end of 2006. "This project, along with the soon to be completed Hopkins Ridge Wind Project, is a valuable resource addition for our customers, particularly as oil and natural gas prices are at all time highs," says Stephen P Reynolds, PSE president and CEO. The Hopkins Ridge Wind Project, an 83 turbine, 150 MW development, should supply more than 50,000 homes. The Bonneville Power Administration has built a new substation to accommodate the project, which will add about 15 jobs and $1 million in property tax revenues to the eastern Washington economy. PSE currently owns 1868 MW of generating capacity and aims to reach 5% of its output via wind power.