The future of wind energy's production tax credit is still uncertain. The American Wind Energy Association's Randy Swisher says repealing the production tax credit would wipe out tax equity for wind in America, since other technologies will remain heavily subsidised. It would halt the progress of many planned wind projects, he says, and cause job losses in the wind industry. In late October the Senate Finance committee was about to consider the one-and-a-half cent a kilowatt hour tax credit for wind, established under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The full Senate was expected to vote on the issue as part of its budget reconciliation act in the last week of October. The Ways and Means Committee in the US House of Representatives has voted to end the credit. If there are differences between the final versions produced by the Senate and House of Representatives, a conference committee comprised of members of both houses must deliberate and iron out the discrepancies, probably starting around November 6.