Wind plant developer Vindkompaniet has presented a plan for offshore wind power. There are good locations for some 4000 wind turbines, in groups of 50 turbines, off the coast of Sweden, Vindkompaniet claims. The company plans to erect a prototype offshore wind plant in shallow waters outside Näsudden on Gotland within two years. Vindkompaniet is now developing a concrete foundation for offshore turbines and expects to build them for SEK 1-1.5 million. At a later stage, some 4000 turbines can be built a few kilometres from the coasts of Halland, Skåne, Blekinge and Öland where waters are shallow. This project could be realised during a ten year period, with combined production reaching some 10 TWh a year, the same quantity produced today by the controversial nuclear reactors at Barsebäck.