Claim of 102% returns on wind fund

Enertrag of Berlin is offering a potential 102% return on a wind fund investment after 13.5 years, as well as benefit from annual dividends. The company says it has no trouble attracting investors. In just six weeks, its marketing partner and subsidiary, Umwelt Direkt Invest, has found DEM 15.8 million from private investors for a 22.5 MW wind station of 1.5 MW turbines from Enercon and Enron at Nechlin in the Ücker region of eastern Germany. Average wind speeds at the site are 7 m/s at a height of 100 metres, Enertrag says. Minimum investment in the project is DEM 10,000, plus a share premium of 5%. Dividends are planned to reach 4% in 2001, 5% in 2002 and 6% in 2004, rising steadily to a peak of 25% after 21 years. The average annual return will be 14.05%. Enertrag Management, responsible for development and financing of wind stations, has so far raised more than DEM 80 million from private investors.