Stable policy hope for Catalonia

October's regional elections in Catalonia have confirmed political continuity, giving the wind industry hope for a revival in the political impetus behind the region's wind development. So far, progress has been slow in tapping the 300 MW that the Spanish alternative energy agency IDAE estimates to be exploitable in the region by 2005, especially considering that Catalonia was one of Spain's first regions to undertake thorough mapping of its wind resources. The Trucafort wind plant in Tarragona (above story) is one of only two projects to have been realised since the regional government drew up a detailed strategic plan in December 1998 for its wind power development. Although the plan established regional investment requirements of some ESP 150,000 million (EUR 901.5 million), wind projects continue to accumulate on the desks of the regional department of industry. One of these is a massive 120 MW proposal for Tarragona, presented for approval in March.