China gearbox factory orders 5000 high capacity bearings

Bearing manufacturer SKF, a large global group listed on the Swedish stock exchange, is to supply more than 5000 sets of its latest high capacity cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbines to China's Nanjing Gear Company (NGC). Around 50% of the bearings are destined for gearboxes for European and US customers, with the rest for Chinese and other Asian customers. NGC is China's main supplier of gearboxes for wind turbines, with its products spanning units for 200 kW to 2 MW machines. "We chose SKF because we know that the most important component to ensure reliability of the gearbox is the bearing," says NGC's H. Yueming. "We also believe that SKF will provide the best technical service in the bearing field and we hope to develop a long term cooperation to make technology exchanges to enhance our capabilities." The load carrying capacity of SKF's cylindrical bearings has been increased substantially while maintaining the boundary and internal dimensions of the standard product, says the company. The working life of the bearings has been increased by 35-45%, adds SKF. The new design allows NGC's customers to opt for greater gearbox reliability or a smaller gearbox, depending on the expected loads. Bearings will be supplied in a bore diameter range of 150mm-300mm and can be used for all the tasks in a wind turbine gearbox that require cylindrical bearings where non-separate mounting is acceptable.