More sign up for Colorado's Windsource programme

As many as 4300 electricity consumers in Colorado had signed up for wind power under Public Service Company's popular green pricing programme in mid November. One electrified customer is the Boulder County AIDS Project. The health agency says it signed up because HIV-infected people need clean air to stay well. Others that are agreeing to buy green power from the Windsource programme of Denver-based Public Service Company (PSCo) are the Boulder Energy Conservation Centre, as well as the community's non-profit recycling company, Eco-Cycle. Wind power will be as common as recycling in 20 years' time, says Eco-Cycle executive director Eric Lombardi. At a meeting to show support, another who spoke out was Olympic gold medal runner Frank Shorter. Boulder mayor Leslie Durgin said: "The attraction of Windsource is that it doesn't have the traditional impact on air, the water and the land that other energy sources do." The first phase of the project is to be completed by early in 1998, says PSCo's Natalie Goldstein. She also says the utility is still negotiating on what technology will be used and that no final decision has been made. PSCo has said it is most likely to choose wind turbines from German company Nordex Balcke-Dürr (Windpower Monthly, October 1997).