Vestas expands Italian Taranto factory

In the face of growing demand for its 3 MW V90 turbine model, Vestas has inaugurated a new production line at its existing factory in Taranto, Italy, to turn out more of the machines. Søren Husted, president of Vestas Nacelles, says the company cannot disclose planned production figures for the 3 MW turbines or the number of 850 kW turbines it currently turns out at Taranto in the southern Italian region of Apulia. He notes, however, that Vestas will be reducing the output of the 850 kW turbines in Italy as it shifts more of its production of this model to its factory in Tiajin, China, near Beijing. "There is less demand in Europe and increasing demand in China [for the 850 kW turbines]," Husted explains. Vestas has produced turbines at Taranto since 1998, initially through a joint venture with Italian firm Finmeccanica, which the Danish company bought out in 2001. The investment for the new production line was not disclosed although, Husted says it is small.