Danish wind industry to increase turnover in 2001

The Danish wind turbine industry expects to increase turnover this year by more than 50% to DKK 20 billion (EUR 2.69 billion), including overseas subsidiaries, compared with DKK 13 billion in 2000. The industry sits on 65% of the world wind market. The largest markets last year were Germany (710 MW) and Denmark (566 MW), representing 60% of Danish industry sales, followed by Italy (113 MW) Greece (111 MW) and the US (105 MW). Wind power in Denmark employed 16,000 people last year; 4300 of these in turbine manufacturing, 11,000 in component supply and 1000 in turbine installation. Last year's DKK 13 billion in turnover excludes a further DKK 1 billion of overseas sales by component suppliers.