Vestas of Denmark has won a contract for 10, V39-500 kW turbines for installation at Hiddum/Houw in Cornwerd in Holland. Vestas won the DKK 35 million order in competition with several other manufacturers. The company describes it as a semi turnkey project, with Vestas responsible for the foundations, installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the wind farm. Dutch regional utility NUON will build roads and the necessary electrical infrastructure. The wind farm is being developed by NUON together with Sietze Brouwer, a cattle farmer, who will own three of the 500 kW turbines. Brouwer already owns an 80 kW Lagerwey turbine. Negotiations between Brouwer and NUON took some years, because they "had to get used to each other," according to Brower's consultant, Dirk van der Ham. Brouwer will deliver the electricity he produces to the grid at an agreed minimum price of NLG 0.12/kWh, which seems to make the project economically viable for the farmer.