Final consent given to 1000 MW London Array offshore wind project

The final consent needed for the 1000 MW London Array offshore wind project off the south-east coast of England is home. Energy minister Malcolm Wicks has granted permission to the National Grid Company to install the overhead line and transmission works on land for connecting the wind farm to its onshore substation. The London Array is the world's largest offshore wind project to near construction and received consent for its offshore works last December. It is a joint venture between Shell, E.ON, Dong and small developer Farm Energy, which originated the project. "Now that these important consents are in place, we are focused on the tendering necessary for the first phase of this project, the results of which will determine whether the project economics and schedule are acceptable," says project director Andrew Murfin. "Timely enactment by the government of their proposed changes to the Renewables Obligation legislation to promote offshore wind power is another key factor necessary for the success of this project." The London Array will be built in phases and when complete will generate almost 10% of the government's target for 10% of UK electricity from renewables by 2010. Wicks comments: "Our belief in renewables has been questioned recently by some, but actions do speak louder than words. We are delivering on our promises to get projects such as Walney and the London Array through the system."