Gamesa Eólica opens new research and development facility

Gamesa Eólica, Spain's leading turbine manufacturer, has opened a new research and development (R&D) facility in the Huarte district of Navarre, the company's home base. Gamesa states that the R&D extension is needed to provide more space for a rapidly expanding department, which currently employs 70 people. The company's R&D is aimed at designing new wind turbines, components, control systems and production processes. Gamesa Eólica expects a 30% increase in business by the end of next year. Not only does Gamesa make Vestas turbine technology for Spain and other specified markets, via a technology transfer agreement signed in 1994, the company also incorporates technological developments in the basic Vestas design, including its Ingecon variable speed system. This replaces Vestas' Optislip in Gamesa machines. According to Gamesa, Ingecon increases nominal capacity by approximately 6%. Gamesa Eólica also designs and manufactures its own blades, root joints and towers. Recently, the company moved into gearbox technology following its take over this year of Basque firm Echesa, which Gamesa aims to turn into one of the world's leading gearbox manufacturers for wind turbines.