Parking ticket for helicopter in exhibition parking lot

A red helicopter in the exhibition centre parking lot proved to be a magnet for delegates attending Copenhagen Offshore Wind. But it also attracted some less welcome attention. A few hours after Uni-Fly, the helicopter's operator, completed a demonstration of its hoist system for ferrying windsmiths to and from the 80 turbines at Denmark's Horns Rev offshore wind farm, the company's Martin Knudsen spotted a neatly folded piece of paper under the machine's windshield wiper -- a parking ticket. In the space for "make of vehicle," the ticket cop wrote "Eurocopter Red Helicopter." Five hundred and ten Danish kroner was the damage -- EUR 70. "We're going to have to frame this one," Knudsen said with a smile. The Danish company, which has been in operation for 35 years, has pioneered offshore wind plant airlift work. The company has made 6500 hoists for Elsam, the Danish utility that owns and operates Horns Rev.