Plans for 2.75 MW machine in Aude département

Wind project developer Vent du Sud has sought a permit to install a single 2.75 MW turbine, 80 metres high and with a 92 metre rotor diameter, on a plain in southern France within the jurisdiction of the La Force local authority in Aude département. The company is not naming the turbine supplier, but only NEG Micon has a 2.75 MW turbine publicly on its books. The site was chosen for its favourable wind speeds and ease of access to the grid. The project has the strong backing of the local mayor, Richard Robert, for whom it represents a potentially lucrative source of income. "We are a very small local authority with little revenue and some big expenses to meet. We were very happy to be offered an industry without pollution or risk of explosion." Not all residents of La Force are happy about the idea, however. "We are in favour or wind power but not anywhere and anyhow," says one campaigner. "The turbine would be too visible and too close to the nearest house. There hasn't been enough information about this from either the town hall or the company that wants to erect the turbine." Both the mayor of La Force and Vent du Sud, however, maintain that sufficient information has been provided for those residents who have an open mind about the project.