Concha Canovas del Castillo has taken over from Francisco Serrano Mart’nez as head of the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), the Spanish government's policy making "think tank" for the research and development of alternative and renewable energy programmes and projects. Canovas del Castillo, described as a dynamic "doer," hails from the INI holding of state companies. She has a sound grounding in the energy sector thanks to her experience accumulated in several Ministry of Industry and Energy departments. Although it is too early to judge what line she will adopt regarding wind power, foreign companies with interest in the Spanish wind market can at least breathe easy with the disappearance of her predecessor from the scene, Serrano Martinez, who deplored the presence of foreign wind companies in Spain and actively campaigned at ministerial level against the emergence of foreigners on what he considered his "turf." He made no secret of his protectionist attitude which he said was in the best interest of the nascent Spanish industry. No reason has officially been given for his departure from IDAE.