Ecotricity to build second turbine at Swaffham in Norfolk

In Norfolk, Ecotricity has been granted planning consent to build a second turbine at Swaffham, one kilometre from its existing 1.5 MW machine at Swaffham's Ecotech Centre. The new 1.8 MW Enercon machine will be the tallest in Britain, standing 85 metres high, and will boost Norfolk's wind power by 30%. Ecotricity's Dale Vince says: "For the first time ever, people in Norfolk can buy the power from our wind turbines to power their homes." Vince is referring to Ecotricity's electricity tariff which is being launched to domestic customers and allows people to sign up for electricity direct from a particular wind project. Swaffham 2 will be built in early 2003. With the existing turbine, 75% of the townspeople -- some 2300 homes -- will be powered by wind energy.