More than 20 applications have been made to the Greek energy ministry for wind farm construction licences by private sector companies. The rush of interest in wind development follows the passing of a wind energy law defining prices for purchases of electricity from independent operators (Windpower Monthly, October 1994). Many of the prospective wind plant developers have their sights firmly trained on the island of Crete, with applications lodged for construction of 104.3 MW of wind farms there. Publicly traded metals company Rokas, based in southern Greece, is seeking permission to install 25 MW on three sites in eastern Crete. Cretan Windfarms has applied for licences for 20 MW at three sites around the port of Siteia, while Siteia Development Corp is seeking to install 5 MW in the same area. Iweco is planning three projects, totalling 35 MW, in western Crete in addition to a 5 MW plant for which it already has a licence.