Eagles not at risk say developers of project criticised by wildlife agency

The companies developing FPL Energy's 30 MW Meyersdale project in Pennsylvania have responded firmly to concerns expressed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) over the safety of bald eagles and raptors in the vicinity of the site (Windpower Monthly, October 2003). Atlantic Renewable Energy's Sam Enfield denies that eagles and other birds are put at risk at the Meyersdale site and insists that field studies performed by the developers prior to settling on the site have been adequate. Enfield chastises the federal wildlife protection agency for being "not as familiar with the characteristics of contemporary wind power technology as it needs to be" and charges the agency with criticising the Meyersdale project "without first contacting us to obtain more detailed information" regarding the ornithological and wildlife studies which had been performed. In early September, USFWS supervisor David Densmore charged that the wildlife research for the site was incomplete. He also warned of severe repercussions if federally listed animals were killed as a result of inadequate field research. These and other issues will be discussed at the National Wind Coordinating Committee's "Biological Significance Workshop" to be held in November in Washington DC.