Germany's trades union federation, DGB, has added its weight to the argument for a market stimulation programme for renewable energy with a budget of DEM 2-4 billion spread over five to seven years. This plan has been mooted by the federal association for renewable energies, BEE.

Peter Dunkel from DGB's Nordmark (Hamburg) section was speaking at the Husum Wind Trade Fair in September. He said the Electricity Feed Law (EFL) should be changed to a fiscal arrangement paid for out of the federal pocket. In this way the burden of buying wind power would be shared equally in the country instead of falling to the utilities in the windy north of the country who are obliged to pay a premium price under the EFL.

Dunkel highlighted the dilemma of the DGB -- on the one hand it wants to support the creation of new jobs in the renewables sector, but on the other hand its wants to protect the jobs at those utilities like Schleswag most affected by the EFL.