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Windpower Monthly's index consists of ten major categories, as listed in the Table of Contents. Each category is sub-divided geographically and in each sub-division abstracts are listed chronologically. The categories have headings indicative of the kind of article included in them and are listed alphabetically by heading. The geographical sub-divisions are listed alphabetically by country.

Each category heading is accompanied by a series of key words. These are not sub-divisions, but an indication of the type of information encompassed by the relevant category. Thus articles on Germany's Electricity Feed Law are listed chronologically in the "Market Development and Legislation Category" (because the relevant key words are "national legislation," "market regulation" and "utility regulation" ) in the sub division headed Germany.

Fortunately, finding abstracts in the index is a lot simpler than writing this description of how to find them. As a rule of thumb, work backwards. Which categories is the information I am seeking not likely to be in? Once these are excluded a perusal of key words of the remaining categories should provide enough guidance for a successful search -- if not at the first attempt, then at the second.

The criteria for setting up the categories were varied. Headings, such as "Conferences and Seminars" or "Leaders and Letters" were natural and obvious groupings. Others, such as "Public Perception" and "Environment Issues," have been created because of our knowledge of the "issues" of wind energy and how often we are asked for specifically this kind of information. The remaining categories emerged as logical groupings of information as the business of filing abstracts proceeded.

Not in the inde

Abstracts of Wind Wire news notes, which make up the first news pages of each issue, are not included in the 1994-1995 Article Index. But access to information in these is available through our new reference and article service.

Reference and article service

Windpower Monthly is compiling a computerised library of all articles published in the magazine. This data base work is ongoing, but already we can provide a search and retrieve service for the period covered by the 1994-1995 Article Index. See page 55 for details of how to request a data base search of articles in issues of Windpower Monthly from August 1994 to July 1995, inclusive.

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