Turbines on UK Environment Agency land

The UK Environment Agency has unveiled plans for up to 80 wind turbines on its land across the country. The government body is working with Partnerships for Renewables (PfR), which was set up by the Carbon Trust, a government-funded advisory group, to help public organisations develop green energy projects on their land. The announcement comes just a month after British Waterways and PfR announced proposals for some 50 waterside wind turbines. Environment Agency chief executive Paul Leinster says the organisation will be looking at using renewables to power its major energy-using plants -- such as pumping stations -- and reviewing the possibility of deploying wind turbines to feed into the national grid at some of its sites, which cover more than 1500 hectares. The agency expects the turbines to generate up to £2.4 million of revenue each year. "It is fitting that the Environment Agency is taking a leading role in the public sector development of renewables," says Leinster.