Turbine sizes | Installation targets | Legal challenges | Floating wind | 2024 predictions

Welcome to the ‘Wind Power’ news review – hosted by Windpower Monthly’s editor, Claire Warren, and deputy editor, Ian Griggs, with our regular panellists, Shashi Barla and Will Sheard.

This time in the news review: An academic has reopened the debate on turbine sizes, claiming that bigger is better after all, while it also emerged that Siemens Gamesa is due to test the prototype of a new offshore turbine which could be the most powerful in the world - is the fragile consensus among Western OEMs on turbine sizes about to be broken?

Also, two separate reports reveal a similar truth: we are not moving fast enough on wind power installation targets to meet ambitious COP28 and EU goals, but what can be done about it?

Meanwhile, developers suffered a series of legal setbacks over the last few weeks over threats to endangered species and trespassing on land. As the rate of deployment increases, legal challenges will become more common and the wind industry will have to up its game on community engagement or risk more court battles.

Finally, we ask whether floating wind technology is progressing as originally hoped and we ask our panellists for their predictions for the year ahead in wind.

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This episode was produced by Czarina Deen and Inga Marsden

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